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Career Development / Management Seminar 

How To Support Your Staff To Manage Their Careers

Delivered to CIPD South London HR Professionals and they said:

"It's given me a place to start and I'm looking foward to putting these steps in motion."

"Excellent session"

Stirling Careers Consultancy works with client organisations to help staff manage and develop their careers within their organisation.

Stirling Careers Consultancy will customise seminars in accordance with the objectives of the partner organisation.

SCC is very experienced in responding to the requirements of a programme or project.

How to Support your Staff to Manage Their Careers

  • People now need to manage their own careers in a very uncertain and competitive job market. 
  • This seminar is designed to give you / employees an understanding of how careers are evolving and the tools and techniques to manage and develop your own career. 

Alistair Stirling the owner of Stirling Careers Consultancy will run the workshop. He works with a whole range of clients to help them plan their careers.

Course Content

What is ‘career management?’

How careers have developed and changed.

Introduction to Career life-cycle model(s) 

Understanding why people need to develop and manage their own careers  

The four stage model

To understand and identify your options

To research and utilise available resources and possible career routes

Developing tools and techniques to manage your career

The importance of lifelong learning and continuing professional development

'Take Aways’ The importance of having a career plan / action planning

Course Requirements

A willingness to learn and engage with others in a short intensive period

Course Structure

For example 14:00 to 17:00 (with one break) Times to suit the needs of the organisation

Career Coaching

Career coaching is available on a one to one basis (face to face), either by Skype video or telephone.

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