Stirling Careers Consultancy delivered a 10 week Employability Course supported by Career Guidance and here are some of the comments from the clients.

  • "Alistair is a very good instructor/teacher."
  • "Alistair was really good at helping me at clarifying my action plan and helping me take small steps towards employment."
  • "I now have a positive Action Plan to pursue my aims and ambitions and I wish this programme continues to help others raise their confidence."
  • "Good course for confidence building."
  • "Alistair pointed us to lots of different resources and explained different things well.  Websites and handouts helpful."
  • "Patient and attentive to different needs."    

These are just a few examples of some of the many comments given on this course.


After a one to one Careers Interview a year 10 pupil from a school in South East London said " It was very informative and helpful. It was at a comfortable pace and everything was explained well enough for me to understand."


After one to one Careers Interviews, Year 11 pupils from a school in Kent have said that

  • "I am now able to put a future plan together."  
  • "I am now able to have a back-up plan."
  • "I have been offered a conditional place at another 6th Form subject to grades.  Thank you very much for all your help and advice"
  • "The Careers Interview helped me look at what I could do after year 11 and helped me see what careers I could do or consider." 


Sarah M from London (an adult looking to change career direction) said:

"I highly recommend Alistair Stirling as a careers advisor. He is knowledgeable, approachable and focussed on helping you achieve career success.  I came to Alistair at a cross roads in my career development and faced with a decision - to stay at my organisation or to pursue career change.  Alistair first listened to my story and then helped me to break down my careers journey into a number of key steps.  He helped me to identify my options, he suggested areas for futher research, he identified resources relevant to my career aspirations and crucially, he worked with me to identify action steps with completion dates, to keep me on track.  If you are facing possible career change, Alistair's method, experience and professionalism are an excellent option if you are looking for expert advice." 

Adult Job seeker said "I took on board all that you said (such as the interview begins the moment you arrive), and it seems to have helped me greatly."

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